This is not a porn blog, this is a filthy black and white paradise.


We fell asleep with our legs intertwined, your warm breath on my neck, one arm under my head and the other around my waist, my soft, bare ass pressed up securely against your soft, tired member. 

I woke up quietly before you, still feeling the desire from the long, aggressive night we’d had. You didn’t stir as I carefully unwrapped myself from your embrace and slowly did away with the sheets. You let out a little groan so I crawled up to you and gave you a little kiss on the cheek and whispered, “Shh, go back to sleep; I have a surprise.”

I pulled away and watched you adjust to your new, sprawled out position and fall back asleep. Then, smiling slyly to myself, I started breathing slowly and warmly up your legs, my loose curly hair brushing along your inner thighs and making you stir. When I got up to your member, I let out a little warmer breath, and then my tongue, trying to work you up without waking you up. I gently but firmly worked you up with my tongue, never fully enclosing you in my mouth; you were hard in no time, and I was as wet as the night before. 

By then you were waking up stirring, trying to figure out what exactly I was up to - it made me smile even more devilishly, determined to catch you off guard. 

I moved to straddle you, positioning my hot, wet pussy over your now hard member. I thought about the night before and how fast and hard we’d gone… and decided I needed you to fuck me slow and deep. With one hand I touched the wet mess I’d made of myself and brought it to the tip of your penis - feeling this, you smiled, revealing you were awake, but kept your eyes closed. I continued. 

The penetration made me moan with pleasure and I slid myself as slowly as I could all the way down you and stayed there, with you in deepest part of me, and a heat ran through my insides all the way to my fingertips. You let out a deep groan and moved your hands to my waist, picking me up slowly and letting me fall down again with another moan. When you were all the way inside me again, I leaned in over you to kiss you hard and deep in my favorite part of your neck, making you grip your arms around me. 

This is how I liked to wake up. I started to chuckle at my own cleverness and whispered, “good morning, darling.”

1 week ago